Desire: Netflix Has An Agenda


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This disgusting Argentinian film features sex acts performed by young girls.

Netflix continues to weather criticisms over rate hikes as well as the quality of it’s “original” content while simultaneously losing popularity and market share to an ever-expanding roster of digital content providers, so you’d think they would seek to avoid any more setbacks. But the company just keeps on alienating more and more potential customers with politically biased investments in propaganda as well as sexually suggestive and agenda driven programming for children.

Not only has Netflix signed a multi-million dollar deal with Barack Hussein Obama, but we’ve now been given not one but FIFTY THREE LGBTQ themed shows aimed at kids. This agenda of sexualizing children has been rolled out in a blitzkrieg style, so shockingly fast & with such force that it’s hard to keep up with the filth being distributed on a regular basis by Hollywood and TV Networks.

One vigilant, eagle-eyed customer recently made a troubling discovery while browsing offerings from the streaming giant. For awhile Netflix has been stuffing their library with low-tier, low-quality Indie offerings in an attempt to seem like a better value compared to their competitors. Each month, favorite staples like “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” are replaced with two awful “Netflix Originals” that cost a fraction to make and stream. Needless to say if you’re anything like me, you find yourself spending a lot more time looking at the Netflix menu than you do watching any of the garbage they have to offer.


Why Is Netflix So Interested In Children & Sex?


While looking through a library of lesser-known projects with little buzz, one outraged subscriber came across a disturbing Indie offering from South America called “Desire”. The Argentinian film, directed by Diego Kaplan is essentially a soft core pornography film disguised as “art”. And while normally I’d have no problem with that, this particular stomach turning “art” features young girls as young as 7 or 8 years old acting out sexually on screen.

“If there’s one thing you learn from watching our film it’s that sexualization of children and glamorizing of drug use are a key part of a child molester’s grooming process.” – Gabe Hoffman, (Producer – “An Open Secret”)

If this is the way Mr. Kaplan and his crew had these children acting on-screen, then they sure aren’t the type of people I would want around children off-screen. The footage we watched today made me so physically angry and utterly ill that I couldn’t actually finish the clip on the first viewing. I had a burning desire to remove someone’s teeth with a croquet mallet.

The film opens with a scene where a 7 year old girl is grinding suggestively while breathing heavily. While we will spare you some of the more disturbing details needless to say the scene dealt very openly with the idea of children as young as 7 stimulating themselves and even using drugs. We warn you that the scene is graphic, but you can find it here.



#BoycottNetflix – Protect Our Children


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Recent attempt to contact Netflix have been not been met with concern.

A major streaming content provider based in the US is using YOUR money to line the pockets of shady, South American production companies that exploit children sexually. That’s not hyperbole. We all watched it together just now. It’s a safe bet that these companies aren’t subject to the same regulations and union rules children in the US are. Not that we’re much better at enforcing those laws here, either.

We urge people to consider contacting Netflix and threatening to cancel your service if better efforts aren’t made to protect children. So far efforts to alert the company have led to less-than-stellar results proving that companies and our politicians do not care about protecting children who don’t have money or voting power.


Let’s put the pressure on them to do right by children around the world. You can contact Netflix using the information below.

Netflix Customer Service:     (888) 638-3549 

Netflix Corporate:                     (408) 540-3700



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