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Rape Trees. Baby Skulls. Child Sex Camps. This week I stumbled across a livestream on Facebook that had me captivated. The feed was being broadcast from a Facebook page calling itself “VOP – Veterans On Patrol” and the person screaming at me seemed oddly familiar. The cringe-inducing feed had all of the makings of Magapede boomer catnip. If you’ve seen one military wannabe Militia-type, you’ve seen them all: sweaty guy in vaguely militaristic camouflage and wraparound shades, his neck adorned in a middle eastern style scarf typically worn by MARSOC Marines capturing an oilfield in Mosul. But according to these guys, they’d discovered a sex trafficking ring in Tucson.

Lewis Arthur, Child Sex Camps, Veterans On Patrol, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer, Fraud,

“I’m out here breaking up child sex camps run by the global elite, what are you doing with your life? Sign up for Everest College today!”

This particular host’s name is Lewis Arthur. And he needs our help. Because Lewis has discovered child sex camps right out in the open along the border and law enforcement and the feds aren’t doing anything about it. According to Lewis, there are human remains and children’s toys scattered all throughout and the camp they discovered is “definitely used to house children for the purposes of sex abuse and human trafficking.” The problem is that almost everything Lewis Arthur has ever said is a complete and utter falsehood. Lies seem to be a part of this man’s DNA.

But truth means very little nowadays and the fact that this guy went viral and began amassing donations is all the proof one needs. #OperationBackyardBrawl isn’t the first attempt Mr. Arthur has made at making a name (or a living) for himself either. According to multiple sources and internet threads, Mr. Arthur has attempted other “operations” in the past, in which he and his cohorts advertise their good deeds via social media and live videos only to eventually reach out to the viewers to assist via donations and other methods. And while publicly he insists people do not send money, credible reports continue to roll in that Veterans On Patrol does accept pre-paid gift cards with cash loaded on them. This is after past controversies in which Lewis Arthur and “Veterans On Patrol” were criticized for raising money while misleadingly using terms like “veterans”.  This makes it easier to declare that you aren’t accepting money, as well as avoid taxes. Some of these operations resulted in questionable results in which many resources seem to have been mishandled and misused. According to VOP, their priority used to be homeless veterans.

While some say VOP provided some minor assistance to a handful of people and had a few high profile publicity stunts it seems that most of the money raised from their prior operations went towards “expenses and logistics”. Eventually Lewis Arthur (Real name: Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer) realized that the apathy this nation has for our homeless veterans was translating into a low-than-expected return on investment. Lewis Arthur needed a new gimmick to attract gullible new rubes to mail him gift cards. Then he discovered the millions of pedophilia obsessed, #Qanon following baby boomers. It was a perfect storm.

Rape Trees, Baby Skulls & Visa Gift Cards

Like many others I have found myself checking back throughout the week, absolutely consumed by Lewis Arthur’s manic, some would say chemically enhanced energy. I tuned in to watch as this man made increasingly bizarre accusations while promising bigger and crazier discoveries to come. He was so confident, it was as if he was positive they would find something out there in these sex camps. He rambled on and on about gift cards, support, “logistics” and something called “rape trees”. He would make videos declaring that the local police and sheriffs were doing nothing, stoking the fires of conspiracy theorists  who declared that the local mayor was connected to the Rothschild global finance dynasty and that the Tuscon Police Department are somehow in bed with the Clinton Foundation.

But the truth is the hardworking people of the Tucson Police Department as well as US Border Patrol and Bereau Of Land Management have followed up diligently on every single complaint. As these idiots continue to build a social media presence and MAKE A PROFIT from these nuisance calls and despite already being extremely busy organizations in hotbeds of legitimate criminal activity the TPD, BLM and USBP have been extremely patient and even vigilant as they have rerouted resources to follow up. Lewis Arthur and his people are lying and badmouthing the very law enforcement personnel who are humoring them. And his followers are now attacking everyone on the planet, even accusing yours truly of being in bed with “Obama & The Clintons”.

“Officers investigated the camp when it was reported May 29. That investigation included officers, detectives, and command staff inspecting the site, speaking to those who reported it, and collecting evidence.” – Sgt. Kimberly Bay – TPD


But alas! As more people tuned in from around the country to watch this drama unfold, his declarations grew even bolder! He claimed to have even found traces of human remains at the camp, and although he was unable to provide much proof at that time, he seemed extremely confident that they would find more evidence soon.  Almost too confident.

The rape trees turned out to be some kind of harnesses or clamps attached to the trees inside of what appeared to be a camp in the woods. Anyone who has been camping before can tell you that many times harnesses like these are used to hang belongings off of the ground, or even to set up hammocks for camping. TPD have confirmed that it was a known area for illegal aliens, homeless people and other transients. In the video, Arthur himself admits to having found makeshift “swings” that perhaps may have been used for children to amuse themselves. However this immediately creates a more logical reason for these straps and clamps being on these trees. It’s almost as if Lewis Arthur is either too lazy or not bright enough to credibly blend truth and fiction, inadvertently outing himself in the process of it all. This is one of the many reasons that I believe Lewis Arthur and VOP to be running a scam. And like any good grift, when the marks get antsy or start to catch on you have to escalate. And that’s exactly what Lewis Arthur did yesterday, when he claimed to have found the “body of a child” without specifying where or how. And this is where it gets really good.

Lewis Arthur, Veterans On Patrol, Tuscon Arizona, Fraud, Hoax,

“I’m not a scam artist. I don’t accept money. I only accept donations of ‘supplies’!” – Recent picture shows a VOP volunteer unloading the gibs.

As I tuned in to watch the latest installment of my most recent guilty pleasure Lewis Arthur proclaimed that VOP had found “the body of a child”. Obviously I would stay tuned in as he promised he would be taking us to the scene to show us exactly what was uncovered. But I’ll admit I already had reservations about these claims, as the area Veterans On Patrol were livestreaming from didn’t appear to be anywhere near the alleged human trafficking camp he had discovered in the days prior. It turned out that VOP was nowhere near the original site they were filming from, choosing to instead search the desert back roads between the US-Mexico border.

After 20 minutes of pleading for people to share the video on social media and to continue to send “supplies” to the campaign, Lewis makes contact with the rest of his team for the big unveiling: a human skull! And oh MAN it smelled so terrible! Lewis continued to remind us of the horrible smell of decomposition coming off of these “human remains”. But the skull looks bleached white from the sun and elements, interesting that something like that would still smell. it almost looks so white and cleaned that it could be right off a medical supply warehouse shelf, with dirt smeared on it.  I sat with baited breath as I awaited the arrival of the authorities along with these “heroes” in the desert. Unfortunately the cops arrived late since Lewis appeared to give them the wrong coordinates, instead directing authorities to the Colorado mountains. As we watched live on Nightwave, I promised my listeners this would prove to be a LARP. And we’re not the only ones who have tried to warn people as prominent figures in the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement have come out to disavow Veterans On Patrol and deny the existence of these so-called sex camps. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to exposing this fraud.


Well the news is in, and according to the forensic analyst who was assigned to the case, the skull belonged to a male aged 27-35 years and “was planted there, not found there.” The plot thickens. But this doesn’t stop thousands of hope porn addicts from sending in whatever disposable supplies and income they have. The LARP grows bigger and the stakes keep getting higher. Despite the fact that he has been arrested numerous times in the past, or the fact that he always seems to be at ground zero for disaster…he continues to thrive. And despite mountains of evidence pointing towards fraud, his vocal supporters continue to defend him while attacking many pioneers in the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement for so much as criticizing this scam. Everyone please do yourself a favor and ignore Veterans On Patrol and their leader Lewis Arthur.

“False panics do NOT bring awareness. False panics detract from real efforts to better protect children, and cause real child safety issues to lose credibility and support in the public eye. False panics are counter-productive to child safety, and therefore those who truly care about helping children should combat and expose them.” – Gabe Hoffman, Producer – “An Open Secret”


Who is Lewis Arthur?

Lewis ARthur, Michael Lewis ARthur Meyer, #OperationBackyardBrawl, Arizona, Veterans On Patrol

Camo hat? Check. Hadji scarf? Check. Oakleys? Check. Now send in those gift cards!

Lewis Arthur *REALLY* wants you to think he served in the military. While he never seems to implicitly state that he is a veteran, he certainly never seems to be in a rush to correct the thousands who flock to watch his videos and believe him to have served. While his brother and father are reportedly veterans, Lewis Arthur is simply cosplaying as one while simultaneously falling just short of “stolen valor”. And while he may not be wearing medals he didn’t earn or claiming to have served, there is something extremely disingenuous about accepting money from people while you drive around the desert playing dress up in camouflage fatigues and a hadji scarf and begging for donations. Let’s call it “borrowed valor”. So who is Lews Arthur?

Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer mixes his energetic delivery and made up “tough guy” persona in videos where he uses nonsensical pseudo-military jargon in an attempt to sound like a truly rugged outdoorsman. He’s a tough guy…a patriot out in the desert fighting to keep YOUR children from being kidnapped by private mercenaries and held in underground sex camps on CEMEX property under the funding of the Clinton Foundation and George Soros. And don’t forget the gift cards. Make sure you keep those gift cards rolling in so he can fight for you. For the kids. He also wants you to download and view child porn to search for clues that can help him. Seriously. He said that.



Lewis Arthur Gift Cards Money Veterans On Patrol

Life is good when you are “protecting the children”. Lewis unloads his goodies.

Lewis Arthur Veterans On Patrol Arizone Sex Camps Hoax

Not sure what these do but free stuff rules. Let’s protect those kids. Also..does anyone want to buy a case of whatever these are?










In reality, Lewis Arthur is an embarrassment. A felon & military LARPer who likes attention, lives off of your donations, and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like a modern day Dog The Bounty Hunter parading around like a tough guy when in reality he isn’t legally allowed to carry a weapon. When Arthur gained notoriety in 2016 for getting into a dust up at the Bundy Ranch, one fellow militia member John Ritzheimer was quoted as saying “He did exactly what he wanted to do, which is get his couple seconds of fame,”. The same was said that same year when he was arrested for a publicity stunt outside of a veteran’s hospital and then immediately issued a press release to capitalize on the attention. When the interest in the topic of sex abuse dies down, he’ll move on to his next abomination. And the sad part is that baby boomers with “MAGA” and “Deplorable” in their Twitter handles will line up like rubes at the circus to keep this guy well fed, well funded, and distracting people from the big picture. Craig Sawyer, leader of the more reputable Veterans For Child Rescue, has even disavowed VOP and their obvious scam. Lewis Arthur responded by attacking the character and credibility of the former Navy SEAL and victims advocate in a rambling tirade in a gas station. Most recently, his group has been accused of breaking into unoccupied houses and ransacking them.


Hope Porn

There’s a new, emerging industry in America and it’s raking in millions of dollars. It’s called hope porn. What is hope porn? It’s mindless, made-up intellectual junk food. It fools your mind into believing that you are taking part in something that is beneficial to mankind, despite being the opposite. You are essentially jerking yourself off intellectually while simultaneously getting nothing of substance actually done. Hope porn, much like Christian Prosperity preaching, teaches that the payoff is always just around the corner. In the case of prosperity preaching if you continue to tithe, give to the church and pray…eventually you will receive God’s blessing and riches here on earth.

Hope porn is essentially the secular version of prosperity preaching. Keep donating, keep tithing…and someday we’re going to drain the swamp and lock her up. The problem is that once you buy Jesse Duplantis an airplane, there is no return on investment. Jesus isn’t going to drop gold bars in your mailbox. You basically just bought a lecherous old scumbag an airplane. And Hillary Clinton, despite her many grievous sins against humankind, will die quietly surrounded by loved ones. Lewis Arthur is no closer to busting Soros than anyone else is. If you want to send him money to subsidize his weekend off-road tailgate parties then so be it. But if you pretend you are funding the war against the Deep State in the process you are guilty of mentally jerking yourself off to hope porn.

If you are interested in helping there are many ways to do so. There are much more credible and legitimate non-profit organizations that are always accepting offers for help and donations. If you would like to make a tangible and lasting difference, consider donating your time or energy to organizations such as Operation: Underground Railroad, Destiny Rescue or Polaris. These are organizations much better equipped to make the sort of difference we all want to make in the world. Do your research. And when in doubt, reach out to reputable advocates in the field you are interested. There are many activists doing great work and while it takes a bit of work to separate the scam artists from the genuine articles, it’s not impossible. In the meantime it seems as if the evidence is piling up and that Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer might just be lying.

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