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The media insurgency will never die…


We are now leading a full-scale media insurgency. Despite the endless harassment we have experienced from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, The ADL and The SPLC we simply refuse to take it without putting up a fight. We pushed it off for as long as we could, but we are happy to announce that the official Revenge Of The Cis website is now online! Please excuse our appearance while we work on bringing you a one-stop shop for all things ROTC Media related. The goal is to avoid any more future unpleasantness for our friends and fans. From now on, you’ll only need to remember one website! We Hank Yoo for your patience.

We are just one of many brands that has suffered undue persecution as many other independent media outlets have begun to activate contingencies such as independent websites, and alternative delivery platforms. Simply put, right wing content content creators and comedians are being pushed off of these mainstream platforms in an attempt to silence any opposition to Marxist groupthink. And now with the SPLC, ADL and other extremist Left wing organizations in charge of monitoring the halls of social media, expect the bans to get longer, more frequent and eventually…permanent. We’re not sorry. And you will not silence us.



We are the media insurgency. We never were guilty of the things you accused us of. We do not condone violence or harassment. We do however reserve the right to criticize narratives that don’t sit right with us. We are using humor to expose hypocrite, liars and predators and that might actually make us the most American show on the internet right now. Since YouTube, Facebook and Twitter continue to silence us, consider this your new one-stop shop for all things relating to news and entertainment. This website is here so that YOU the listener can tell your friends, get more people to tune in. Let’s keep the media insurgency alive, because it’s much larger than any of us.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can help even if you can’t donate directly!


Enjoy uncensored, unscripted commentary on the news of the day. Revenge Of The Cis is a news talk show with plenty of jokes to help you swallow those red pills with ease. Each week Mersh & Royce are joined by guests from across the spectrum to discuss news, politics and internet drama.






@Austin_Zone @TeamYouTube This also happened to me (Around $1340) and @ROTCRadio (Over $3300) and @Sinatra_Says also. @YouTube @TeamYouTube charged our fans and never paid us the super chats or advertising money.


Just a heads up that Royce is still out of town for the time being. There will be no ROTC today. We are so sorry and we'll make it up to everyone somehow.

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