Veterans On Patrol Committing Breaking & Entering?


Here’s the latest flareup from the never-ending dumpster fire that is Lewis Arthur’s extended live action roleplaying scenario, where he lives out a fantasy he never had the balls to actually approach in real life, a fantasy of being a soldier who accomplishes something, anything, beyond being a useless leech on society’s balls.

The only reason I am not calling this the “peak moment of hubris” is that I know that this dumpster fire will continue burning and more hilariously dumb happenings will happen, with the same unfortunate certainty of further catastrophy that one feels when an unattended car’s parking brake fails and rolls back down a hill.

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This is the end game for Lewis Arthur and Veterans On Patrol.

Recently, Lewis Arthur took a break from doxing Navy Seals to invite a ‘Youtuber’, DarkSkyWatcher74 (94k subscribers, multiple controversies over fraudulent giveaway promotions) to come document his dramatic exploits in the desert. Unlike all other members of the media, mainstream and otherwise, who have been told they have to go spend a week ‘volunteering’ in the desert before they receive the rare privilege and honor of recording content with Loopy Louie Arthur, DarkSkyWatcher74 immediately went out on ‘patrol’ with members of LARPthur’s fake military very special operations squad.

He uploaded some dramatically edited (complete with intense royalty free high-tension music) clips of the ‘team’ on patrol. And by patrol, I mean performing acts of breaking and entering onto private property. I must carefully note that Lewis Arthur did not livestream this patrol. Even a methed out borrowed valor roleplayer sometimes has a small amount of self-preservation. This clearly did not extend to checking on his own embedded correspondants because literally every second uploaded by DarkSkyWatcher74 will eventually be preceded by the word “Exhibit” and either a letter or number, in a courtroom, where Lewis Arthur and whichever hapless goons he duped into carrying guns during criminal activity will sit in hopes of being given a plea deal in exchange for being criminal informants.

Here are the facts that have emerged, according to a now deleted Facebook post by a source we have followed up with: Lewis Arthur trespassed onto private property, found security cameras, tried to physically remove security cameras, failed to remove security cameras, cut cables to security cameras after failing to remove security cameras, then never bothered to find out where the cables went which is why you are now about to see security camera footage of his would-be goon squad, armed to the teeth, performing those criminal acts.


“…they ransacked an unoccupied (not abandoned) house, and found the camera and tried stealing the camera off of the post. When they couldn’t, they cut the cable that goes to the antenna that transmits the photos to my phone. And then they posted the video on YouTube.” – Local Property Owner


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Security camera reportedly backs up other footage obtain that appears to show Lewis Arthur and Veterans On Patrol breaking into an unoccupied home in the desert.

Why did this happen? Because a disabled veteran – a man who actually served his country, unlike Lewis – made LARPthur feel disrespected. To pay him back, Lewis Arthur allegedly loaded up people to carry guns for him – as a felon, Lewis cannot carry a gun himself – and broke into property owned by that man. What was the plan? We don’t know. Maybe the goal was to smear the man as a CHILD SEX TRAFFICKER? That seems to be the main buzzword with LARPthur, but expect him to transition to hyping drug smuggling interdiction as more and more ‘proof’ of child trafficking falls through.

We also have been examining a video from “Veterans on Patrol” which shows an “Oathkeeper” apparently teaching a class on how to falsify and massage evidence at “crime scenes.” With that in mind, the breaking and entering could have had an even more sinister motive. We’ll cover that in an upcoming article, along with some more new hilarious disasters from these clowns. God knows what they will be, but we do know they’ll be happening. In the meantime If you would like to actually contribute to organizations who actually help victims of sex abuse, consider donating your time or energy to organizations such as Operation: Underground Railroad, Destiny Rescue or Polaris. And if you want to waste your money sending stuff to idiotic e-celebs, feel free to donate to me instead, and I’ll keep waiting for this idiot to mess up so I can bring you coverage of this smoldering dumpster fire.



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