The NXIVM Scandal: Is It Worse Than We Think!?!

The NXIVM scandal was going to be unavoidable. Several young actresses allegedly get brainwashed to serve a charismatic cult leader. They supposedly enlist other young actresses and the cycle continues. With two of the ringleaders of NXIVM now behind bars, grisly details are emerging that accuse Keith Raniere of running an oppressive sex cult under the guise of a self help program based in Albany. Former “Smallville” actress Allison Mack is now also in custody and being charged as his co-conspirator, accused of going so far as to use a cauterizing device to brand members of the group in a so-called “submission ritual”. Most of the sordid details can be found almost anywhere at this point, so I won’t bore you with things you can find elsewhere.

NXIVM Scandal Pedogate Pizzagate Breaking News Human Trafficking Branding

Actress Allison Mack was taken into custody yesterday.

Today I decided to take a look myself at the NXIVM website and try to make some sense of how someone could find themselves wrapped up in such an organization. And what I found truly disturbed me. Let me preface this by saying that I have been outspokenly critical of the Pizzagate movement and the subsequent Q Anon movement that followed for quite some time. While there is always some small grains of truth to whatever theory is being peddled at the time, most of it tends to be extremely over-the-top and usually discredits actual good being done by seeking to make everyone look foolish. Anyone who gets too deep down the rabbit hole tends to begin believing even the most outlandish conspiracy theories. It’s actually a form of entertainment for many of these people, whether they’ll admit that or not. A modern, free-to-read pulp fiction in essence. I have spoken on and off the air about my distaste for seeing people waste their time on insane conspiracy theories. But NXIVM is real. The NXIVM scandal is tangible, and people are coming out in droves to describe some unthinkably evil behavior.

Wikileaks FBI Pedophile Symbol Pizzagate Pedogate NXIVM Scandal Pedophile

Confirmation of the symbol’s sinister origins came from this Wikileaks memo.

NXIVM Scandal Human Trafficking Sex Abuse Pedogate Pizzagate Keith Raniere Allison Mack Court Sketch

Allison Mack was arraigned in court today.

While perusing the website for an alleged human trafficking and sex cult I came across an interesting logo among the list of supposed partner programs and related companies. A symbol that anyone who has ever heard of Pizzagate knows very well. Wikileaks released a supposed FBI document years ago detailing what they believed to be coded symbols used by pedophiles and human trafficking organizations. The symbol that appeared throughout the website is a known symbol for “boy lover”. The release of these symbols set off the firestorm known originally as Pizzagate and eventually led to the same symbol being unearthed within logos all over the country. Pizza places, children’s jiu-jitsu studios, Good Humor Ice Cream. The symbol showed up so often it was hard to calm down the true conspiracy people. But now it’s no longer a conspiracy. This symbol is now appearing prominently on a website for an organization who’s leader is now under indictment for human trafficking and forced labor. A guy who is alleged to have BRANDED people is now sitting in jail with an actress from a CW show from 10 years ago being charged as his co-conspirator. And in the middle of this NXIVM scandal is a website riddled with known pedophile symbolism. It’s becoming increasingly hard to call it a conspiracy when you take into account the number of children’s organizations this cult is openly involved with according to their own website. So you have Keith Raniere, a man who has stooped so low he was alleged to have molested a 12 year old dog walker also running an organization that is connected openly to at least TWO other groups involved with “child development”.

NXIVM Scandal Sex Scandal Human Trafficking Pizzagate Pedogate FBI Symbol Keith Reneire Allison Mack

This image was taken directly from the official NXIVM website.

Upon deeper investigating on their site, I identified the original source of the symbolic logo: In Lak’Ech. According to the organization’s website it’s a Mayan phrase for “You are my other me” it doubles as the name for an organization based in Latin America with an extremely vague agenda. According to the site, the group is a “civil, non-political, non-commercial and non-religious movement in Mexico seeking to transform violence with compassion” whatever that means. I explored the website a bit further and what I found made me physically ill. NXIVM seems to have been involved in “children’s education and development programs” according to it’s own website, including another organization called Rainbow Cultural Garden.  A brief look on the internet uncovers articles dating back 8 years that question the validity of these organizations. Given the shocking allegations coming to light about this organization, perhaps it’s time the authorities began investigating just how deep the NXIVM scandal goes. Symbolism and conspiracies aside, there are two children’s organizations who need a hard look for their involvement in an organization accused of such atrocious behavior.

Among NXIVM’s “partners” were organizations claiming to be involved in children’s education programs such as “Rainbow Cultural Garden”. This makes the latest allegations against NXIVM’s founders even more unsettling.

UPDATE 4/23/18 11:03 pm: According to screenshots obtains from multiple sources, indictments are forthcoming in the US District Court of Eastern NY charging Keith Raniere and Allison Mack with offenses involving SEX TRAFFICKING OF A CHILD.

NXIVM Scandal Sex Trafficking Human Trafficking Keith Raniere Allison Mack NXIVM Scandal Sex Trafficking Human Trafficking Keith Raniere Allison Mack Sex Cult

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