Dan Schneider Scandal Watch: Actresses Reportedly Ready To Come Forward

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Nickelodeon is under fire from all sides, with allegations spanning decades and throughout the company.


UPDATE 3-29-2018 7:48 PM ET] As more people become aware of the Dan Schneider allegations, there are now disturbing reports that the creator of Ren & Stimpy John Kricfalusi may have been grooming and preying on underage fans dating back to his time at the network. As the stories begin to pour out, activists have taken to Twitter in an attempt to get #BoycottNickelodeon trending. Hundreds of users have been tweeting using the hashtag in the past few hours.

[UPDATE 3-27-2018 6:11 PM ET] According to Gabe Hoffman, Producer of “An Open Secret”, two alleged victims of Dan Schneider are set to come forward with direct allegations against Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon in the coming weeks. You can hear the direct quote from Mr. Hoffman in this time-stamped video:

Dan Schneider Lisa Lillien Hungry Girl Twitter Block Allegations Scandal Rumors Nickelodeon

In addition to this new bombshell revelation, Schneider’s wife Lisa “Hungry Girl” Lillien has reportedly started blocking critics of her husband on Twitter, Including Mersh of ROTC Media.


Dan Schneider Fired From Nickelodeon Creepy Rumors Foot Fetish Allegations

Dan Schneider has been fired from Nickelodeon after years of rumors and allegations of abuse.

Dan Schneider Fired Nickelodeon Abuse Allegations Pedophile

Flyers seen hanging in Brooklyn in late 2017.

Dan Schneider has (finally) been let go by Nickelodeon after “multiple complaints of abusive behavior against Schneider filed by members of his staff “ according to Deadline. We at ROTC Media have been covering Schneider extensively since October, dedicating large portions of our daily talk show to exposing Schneider as well as the unhealthy inner workings of Nickelodeon in general. We are happy to finally see the fruits of months of work by activists across the country. It’s finally over.

For 20 years, Dan Schneider was Nickelodeon’s golden goose. Their top showrunner and creator, Schneider launched the careers of Amanda Bynes, Ariana Grande, Jamie Lynn Spears, and many others. Despite his involvement in their early careers these young women seem to remain curiously silent on Mr. Schneider. When accepting his 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award from Nickelodeon, the stage was devoid of any of his former female stars, save for Victoria Justice who was still under contract at the time.

Dan Schneider Fired Nickelodeon Foot Fetish Allegations Creepy

Dan Schneider, unemployed producer & foot fetishist.

In one segment from October, it was alleged by an anonymous source that Dan Schneider was known for hosting pool parties at his home. The guest lists for these parties frequently featured his young stars, who would attend without their parents according to the source. In addition, a former actress alleged having quit the business after a creepy, barefoot audition for a Schneider helmed television show that was being developed for the cable giant. Stories and rumors about regarding Dan Schneider and his lack of boundaries with his young stars, particularly Amanda Bynes and Jamie Lynn Spears. His foot fetish was also well-documented, with tons of feet references in his show and sexualizing of teens. He was also caught at one point using the official “Sam & Cat” Twitter account to solicit foot pictures from child fans.


During the course of our around-the-clock investigations of Schneider, ROTC Media was approached by multiple reporters from outfits such as PEOPLE, AOL Entertainment, The Hollywood Reporter & Bustle. Each scenario played out identically. Initially, the reporter would reach out to ROTC Media and ask what about the information we’d uncovered. In every instance, we agreed to allow these media outlets to contact our anonymous source. However every single time we would hand over our information and contacts, no follow up would be done and our source would never be contacted. PEOPLE did, however find time to write a fluff piece about Schneider’s dog. The dogs name? Loli!

People Magazine Email Dan Schneider Fired Sexual Assault allegations staff abuse scandal rumors

PEOPLE Magazine was one of four media outlets that spiked our Dan Schneider story. The list also includes AOL Entertainment, The Hollywood Reporter & Bustle.

Despite the overwhelming grassroots effort to pressure Nickelodeon into making a statements the company remained silent, even renewing Schneider’s animated “The Adventures of Kid Danger” for another upcoming season. While covering Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon, ROTC Media was contacted by Gabe Hoffman, producer of Hollywood pedophile documentary “An Open Secret” with an on-the-record statement on Schneider.

“Schneider was choice number 2 to base “An Open Secret” on. Investigations had many named people who wanted to be off record….who were on sets for years and saw big changes in kid’s demeanor & body language.” – Gabe Hoffman, Producer of An Open Secret

Dan Schneider Fired Scandal Rumors Allegations Abuse

Schneider creeped out fans a few years ago when he used the official “Sam and Cat” Twitter account to solicit pictures of children’s feet.

Schneider has been rumored for years to have an awful temper, as we heard during our interview with Angelique Bates in November and word is he had quite a tantrum when he was informed of the cancellation of Game Shakers. This could be an attempt by Nickelodeon to quarantine itself from any possible future Schneider scandals. We have a feeling this story is just getting started. Expect Dan Schneider’s name to become reviled in the coming months.  #DanSchneiderIsOver – and this is one time we’re happy to say  we told you so.

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