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Royce Lopez & Mike “Mersh” Schiele

Back in 2010, longtime radio rivals and sometime allies Mike “Mersh” Schiele and Royce Lopez decided to team up and create a podcast that blended their two distinctly different, yet compatible styles. “The Fifth Circle” was a fun experiment in trolling, live radio and comedy. Despite going their separate ways and Mersh taking a 5 year sabbatical from radio, the show was an example of podcast excellence. In August of 2017 the tumultuous political climate and SJW-dominated entertainment sphere gave them a prime opportunity to team up once again and showcase their unique brand of conservative based, right-of-center comedy. This time they are taking on the corrupt media, the incompetent politicians and the entire Marxist-dominated world of academia. In less than 8 months, these two have been suspended and chased off of almost ever major social media and video streaming platform simply for speaking the truth. By humorously delivering daily doses of red pills, the guys have certainly had their hands full in this fight. We will continue to fight for free speech and truth everywhere we go! ROTC Media is the antidote to John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee. A multimedia news insurgency fighting against the likes of The Young Turks and It’s Going Down, ROTC remains 100% independent thanks to our supporters. If you like brutal honesty and hilarious right wing comedy, and you want something a little more sophisticated than Internet Bloodsports, you have come to the right place.

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