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ComicsGate and Move the Needle Alliance $1.25 million sold and rising!!

ComicsGate and Move the Needle.

All forms of media these days are under attack. Whether it be television, movies or even video games. Those who use inter-sectional politics to create division between people have found a new target comic books. This is where ComicsGate and Move the Needle come in. The summer of 2018 is the independent comic uprising with $1.25 million in sales and still growing.

The comic book industry has gone through its ups and downs over the years. However recently it has been plagued by the same issues that can be seen in all other forms of media. That being the push for political correctness and extreme diversity. Adjusting well known characters to appease a minority of people for the sake of “diversity” is the new norm. With the likes of Marvel and DC pandering to progressives and hiring under qualified people with an agenda. With a decrease of 12% in graphic novel sales for 2017 the industry is suffering and it’s not surprising. However several well known comic industry professionals are fighting back. They have taken their work to crowd funding sources and independent publications.

Blacklisted Industry professionals.

Many of these industry professionals have been “blacklisted” by the likes of Marvel and DC. Why you might ask yourself? That’s because they don’t fall in line with the progressive narrative. Also many are conservatives and having a political stance not on the far left leads to people being outcast. To go against the “diversity” narrative is to go against God himself in the eyes of these people. Industry professionals like Jon Malin, Brett R Smith and Ethan Van Sciver have taken their work to the people directly. These industry professionals and newcomers are showing DC and Marvel we the readers tired of their agenda. Besides that they are the “heroes we need.”

A well known YouTube creator by the name of Richard C Meyer or as he is known on YouTube Diversity and Comics *cough* has joined these legends in their fight. Certainly Meyer’s main complaint has been the “virtue signaling” and hiring based on diversity instead of merit and skill because it is getting out of hand. Growing in popularity for his critique of modern comics and progressive narrative, Meyer has become a sort of legend himself in ComicsGate and Move the needle movements.

Enter Jawbreakers Lost Souls

Jawbreakers Lost Souls was the first comic I came across in the Comicsgate and move the needle movements. It is written by Richard C Meyer and illustrated by Jon Malin and Brett R Smith. This is an action story without the agenda as seen lately in comics. As described by Meyer on the indiegogo page “A team of ex-superheroes attempt to save a “monster” from a vicious warlord who wants to exploit it!”

Now would you believe this book is written by some nefarious individual who hates diversity? Seems like that’s what the rest of the media like The Jim Jefferies Show would have you believe. As well as comic industry professionals like Mark Waid. Besides some off color jokes in what was called the “dark roast” Meyer isn’t what these “Professionals” would make him out to be. Meyer at the core someone who loves comics and wants to see the return of great stories. However by challenging and criticizing the status quo he has become a kind of “boogie man” in the eyes of these people.

Targeted Harassment and Attacks by Progressives.

First of all a search of Jawbreakers or Richard C Meyer will lead you to articles full of anger and hatred. Terms like; alt-right, misogynistic and much more are used as descriptors without justification. As a result Jawbreakers has been met with “Secret” Facebook groups of retailers and industry members trying to keep it from being published and out of stores. Which Includes the harassment of Antarctic Press after they had agreed to publish jawbreakers.

Consequently after receiving the targeted attack Antarctic Press pulled their support and is no longer publishing the book. Above all this will not affect the Indiegogo campaign. This heavy push by these people shows their bias because of a hatred of Meyer. Simply because he doesn’t like the progressive narrative.

Splatto Comics is born.

With the heavy push back from those who want to see the Comicsgate and move the needle movements fail Splatto Comics was born. However it came from a need of a publisher for Jawbreakers and other Comicsgate comics. No longer will Meyer or his team have to worry who will publish the comic they will do it themselves.

In order to get more information about Jawbreakers, the Comicsgate and move the needle movements I reached out to Richard C Meyer, Jon Malin, Brett R Smith and Ethan Van Sciver. Brett R Smith was able to get back to me and I will update once the others get back to me.

What are your thoughts on comics gate as a whole?

Brett- Comicsgate exists to defy the laws of tradition within the comics industry which has been defined by the Big 2 for over 80 years. We are rewriting the rules as to how you produce comics and graphic novels by going around the major publishers and going direct to the customer. It’s a very exciting time which I believe is giving way to a Renaissance within comics and graphic novels where creators have full control of not only their projects but their futures.

What are you thoughts on all of the negative things being spread about comicsgate and jawbreakers?

Brett- Its pure hyperbole and nonsense.

What is your advice to any others in the industry who are tired of the PC narrative and progressive stance of major companies like marvel?

Brett- Seems like if you want to work for Marvel you have to toe the line as in Hollywood and not only agree but parrot the Liberal SJW talking points whether you are a true believer or not. Plus Alana Smith has admitted to having a Blacklist at Marvel so that’s all you need to know.

What made you Brett and Jon want to sign on to Jawbreakers?

Brett- I wanted to contribute to this book because of my friendship with Richard and I was also a fan of Jon’s work as well.  I thought I could bring something very tangible to the table for this specific project given my skills. Jawbreakers is also really my kind of story, my kind of characters and its also a new IP which you don’t get often these days. Everything is recycled or rebooted. These are fresh new characters and a new story which I think audiences are really craving.

And if you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Brett- Wolverine’s healing factor so I can conquer all my enemies by outliving them.

Richard C Meyer and the team working on Jawbreakers aren’t who people would have you believe they are. They are just normal guys who love comic books and have been in the industry for years. However because they don’t live the current culture they are now outcasts. Outcasts who have made history and are breaking records. More importantly will you be part of this historic moment in comic books? I know I certainly will be. Jawbreakers is set to finish later this month don’t miss out check out the Indiegogo link below.


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