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Mike Cernovich and Jared Holt have a mild relationship for such naturally born enemies.

Mike Cernovich VS James Gunn

Mike Cernovich has worn many faces over the years in his search for fame and fortune. From supplement salesman to Men’s Right Activist / Pick Up Artist and everywhere in between, Mike Cernovich is a guy who always seems to position himself in the right place at the right time. He was Alt Right, but then the heat got to be too much and he disavowed that. If you listen to any of his amusing Periscope videos, odds are you will be treated to any number of conspiracy theories and outlandish statements. Anyone who criticizes him is a pedophile, or working for some secret Satanic pedo cabal.

Most recently, Mike Cernovich was one of the key supporters who helped get James Gunn fired for his controversial statements on Twitter from a decade ago. This has led many people to look into Cernovich’s past. One would think that since he holds the standard he does there would be nothing there. However according to several sources and a dive into Cernovich’s twitter and his past several things have come to light. Cernovich himself has a handful of tweets that can make one ask questions. And any attempt to ask these challenging questions is met with a ban. However one question has nagged at the public for some time now.


Are Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch Connected?

Mike Cernovich sets standards of behavior he cannot live up to himself.

Mike Cernovich has been the subject of much criticism from the likes of ROTC Media’s own Mersh & Royce, as well as other figures such as Frank “LA Werewolf” Espinoza. One theory they admit is based on “a hunch”, is that Jared Holt (creator of Right Wing Watch) and Mike Cernovich have what could be described as “a gentlemen’s agreement” of sorts. They believe that despite occasional light shots back-and-forth, the two never seem to really seem interested in genuinely taking the other down.

The accusations came to a head this week. In light of Cernovich’s own embrace of Alinksy-style tactics to destroy political opponents, Mersh created a petition on Change.org to remove Mike Cernovich from Twitter. The argument was that since Cernovich wishes to get James Gunn fired over decade old tweets, he could get Cernovich de-platformed for his controversial views on date rape that were tweeted out in 2012, just SIX years ago. According to Mersh: “Going after pedophiles and rapists is great…when your own backyard is clean.”


The petition started as a s***post, a prank to give him a taste of his own medicine. But now I genuinely want Mike Cernovich kicked off Twitter.” – Mersh, co-creator of Revenge Of The Cis


 The problem with Cernovich, according to Mersh: “Cernovich himself has an extremely tainted past. That includes allegations of rape, tweets making light of rape, and taking the credit for work done by others”. When creating the petition to Ban Cernovich from Twitter, he decided to put their theory to the test and sent direct messages hounding Right Wing Watch to get a response about a connection he claims to know of between Jared Holt and Mike Cernovich. He even predicted the outcome in a tweet from July 25th. 




Mike Cernovich ties to Right Wing Watch?


This leads us to today where ties between Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch have possibly come to light. According to screenshots provide to me by Frank Espinoza, a person claiming to be an employee of Right Wing Watch by the name of Stanley O’Brien went out of his way to Facebook message Espinoza. Espinoza received the messages from O’Brien stating to “Stop attacking Mike Cernovich and his friends. Tell Mersh the same thing. You have been warned.” This situation according to Espinoza was “completely shocking and had no idea who Stanley O’brien is.”

And while Mike Cernovich holds no outward ties to Right Wing Watch, he and other “New Right” figures such as Jack Posobiec have been reported by several sources to have been cozy and friendly with Jared Holt at the “Night For Freedom”, a West Coast based conservative event held in California.


Mike Cernovich, Jared Holt, Right Wing Watch, Media Collusion, Gamergate, Fake News, Jack Posobiec

Original message sent by Mersh to Right Wing Watch on July 25th.

Mike Cernovich, Right Wing Watch, Jared Holt, Jack Posobiec, Fake News, Media Collusion,

Second message sent on August 1st before Frank Espinoza received a threat.


Who is “O’Brien”?

Espinoza and everyone at ROTC Media agrees that the 2 month old account is burner alt. However the fake account still belongs to a very real person with extremely specific information about several people in right wing circles. Receiving threatening messages from a complete stranger because you challenge a separate persons ideals would put one in shock.  This should make one wonder are Right Wing Watch and Mike Cernovich Connected?

Espinoza can also be seen in the screenshot below being a bit of a troll attempting to elicit a response. O’Brien continues “We have enough material to bury you and your group. Including your FolkloreAmericana buddies.” When I asked Espinoza what he meant by this, his response was “Probably that we work with alt right people and I do black face, I say the n word, I do Jew parody.” This was very similar to what he said to O’Brien in the Facebook message thread. With an I don’t care attitude Frank gets the response from O’Brien he had been craving, “I work with Right Wing Watch idiot. Keep footing your foot in your mouth we love this.” Obviously O’Brien meant keep putting not keep footing but he seems to be rattled by Espinoza. 

I asked Espinoza what he thought when O’Brien said he worked with Right Wing Watch “It made me wonder why someone who works for right wing watch is demanding I leave Mike Cernovich alone. Also this shows Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch are connected in some manner.” replied Espinoza. It does make you wonder though doesn’t it, why would Jared Holt’s “Employee” be defending Cernovich.

Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch

Facebook DM between Frank Espinoza and “Stanley O’Brien”, purported friend of Mike Cernovich and associate of Right Wing Watch.


Theories of the connection between Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch.

According to theories put forward by Mersh and Espinoza there is allegedly a potential agreement between Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch (Jared Holt). In Mersh and Espinoza’s words “Right Wing Watch and Mike Cernovich connected by an agreement. Some sort of quiet, unspoken “gentlemen’s agreement” so to speak. Never go too hard at each other and disguise cross-promotion as occasional “beef”. However, neither seem to really go at the other one all that hard.” Were the theories put forth by Mersh and Espinoza just proven true? My guess is we will find out only by pressing the issue and asking questions.

However with Espinoza now receiving the above messages it makes me wonder, Who is this employee? Does he actually work for Right Wing Watch? Why is he defending Cernovich and making threats on his behalf? Do Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch really have this unspoken agreement? Why have Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch (Jared Holt) been seen being buddy buddy at events?


JUL 25  – Mersh creates a petition to Ban Mike Cernovich from Twitter and contacts Right Wing Watch for support in the effort.

JUL 25-26 : Mersh & Frank Espinoza begin to antagonize Right Wing Watch and Mike Cernovich publicly and privately in an effort to get RWW to publicize the petition or otherwise react.


AUG 1st (1:30pm ET) : Mersh sends an extremely incendiary DM to Right Wing Watch on Twitter to confirm suspicions that they are in league with Cernovich.

AUG 1st (5:30pm ET): Frank Espinoza receives threatening message on Facebook from a fake burner account urging him to leave “Cernovich and his friends” alone. The man claims to work with Right Wing Watch. Frank immediately shares this conversation.

Only *AFTER* Espinoza shared this post was he made aware by Mersh of the tweet he sent earlier in the day provoking RWW. This leads us to believe that we legitimately provoked a reaction out of their respective camps. 


“The specific people he mentioned, the threats he made and the claims throughout make me believe that this dude is legit. If this was a troll, they were really good.” – Frank “LA Werewolf” Espinoza


Official Comment From Mike Cernovich & Jared Holt Of Right Wing Watch


Only two people know the answers to these questions and theories. In order to get to the answers I reached out to Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch (Jared Holt) on Twitter. Here are their responses to my questions.

One Stanley O’brien has been quoted as saying he works for Right Wing Watch right after stating that one Mersh and Frank E need to back off of Cernovich? Care to comment?

Jared Holt- I have no idea who that is. I’m afraid you’ve been duped.

Mike Cernovich- I don’t respond to nonsense. Have a nice day. Do you have sex with dogs? Just asking questions bro. Doing a story on whether you have sex with dogs.

So you adamantly disagree that you and Cernovich aren’t connected and you aren’t soft on him?

Jared Holt- I have no idea who that is. Whoever this is, we do not work with them. (in regards to O’Brien) My writing about Cernovich speaks for itself.

Would you support a petition to have Cernovich banned off Twitter? I have seen one floating around and that seems to be one of the reasons people feel your soft on him.

Jared Holt- I didn’t support that petition because it was sent to me by a member of Jason Kessler’s circle and I don’t team up with fascists. I watch the right and report on what I find. I don’t run boycott campaigns.

I’ll let the comments from Mike Cernovich and Right Wing Watch (Jared Holt) speak for themselves. However Cernovich seems to think he’s a funny guy. Which makes me wonder why did he all of the sudden respond after I told him I had comments from Jared Holt. Was he worried that I might have something? Did he want to discredit me with his jokes about dog sex? Seems to me he doesn’t enjoy being asked questions on this topic. Jared Holt on the hand only mentioned Cernovich once and never directly answered my questions. His deflection can be seen and he didn’t seem to comment further. This still leaves many questions unanswered and we may never get the answers from the sources themselves.


In the meantime, the petition to remove Mike Cernovich from Twitter inches towards one thousand signatures at press time…


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